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“It's clear to me that I found the right place and the right person for this project.”

I am a very detail-oriented person; before I retired, my career required nothing less. My former hobby of restoring, preserving, and racing historic vehicles (midget racers, hydroplanes and jersey skifts) has now become my full-time work. The career may be former, but the hobby is ongoing!

A couple of years back, I purchased a rather sad, yellow Black Fin, and for year and a half I didn't do anything with it. I know you have to start with the right boat at the right price for restoration, and I wanted to have access to my boat during the restoration process. In retrospect, it just wouldn't have worked to take it elsewhere.

Dan and I wanted to both be proud of the work we did on my boat, and to that end, Dan was always accessible, and my boat was always accessible. It's great to talk to the person who's doing the restoration, and it really puts you at ease to see your money working efficiently.

I had Dan start with the hull painting to brighten it up, and get rid of that yellow color while I removed the engines for rebuilding—now, the marina would not have let me do this. Even if I had had them taken elsewhere, they would have marked up my costs me doing so. I felt that Dan was someone I could work with—somebody for whom attention to detail was also very important. In addition to priming and painting the hull, he painted the entire deck and built a new fiberglass hardtop. It looks amazing. The boot top was not positioned correctly—Dan straightened it out—and it is really something how much more I enjoy being in my boat.

What I'd like most to share about Dan is that I'm just so happy with the way this project turned out. It's clear to me that I found the right place and the right person for this project. Dan was always straightforward with me, always right on the money about what he said he'd do—just a straight shooter. I have no qualms about recommending his services to anyone.
Bill Supple, CT
Bill Supple, CT

“Keys to the success of this restoration had to be Danny's ability to reasonably price labor and offer alternatives both in level of finish and types of material."

After a number of projects and more referrals than I can count, I am laying out yet another full restoration project with Danny Patten!

I met Danny through a top surveyor in Connecticut in 2003 when, after many months of searching for a well-built boat, I had finally purchased a classic Bertram Bahia Mar 20' and was planning on presenting it to my family on Christmas Day as our new project. We had done cars and juke boxes, as well as numerous other projects, but, little did we know, thanks to Danny this was to be our most rewarding restoration to date.

The boat had a bad transom, keel, and some serious cracking in the gel coat as you'd expect of a 1967 make. We chose to disassemble the boat, and after I'd decided I was way in over my head, I turned to Danny. To remove the engine, I'd cut liner into about 8-10 pieces! He didn't even blink. Danny rebuilt transom and stringers, ground all the crazed (cracked) gelcoat off deck, glassed, faired, primed, and painted the boat. We also did the engine, Formica, and wood work. Then we sorted out all the new stainless hardware and chromed the classic castings from the original boat. Every inch of that boat was redone. It has remained a show-stopper for years. I have numerous shots from the project that ultimately drew the attention of "Yachting" and "Motor Boating" magazines (both did a piece on her).

Keys to the success of this restoration had to be Danny's ability to reasonably price labor and offers of alternatives both in level of finish and types of materials used. It was easy to walk through options and costs of each stage of my project.

Since that Christmas boat project, we have recommended Danny for numerous gel coat and glass repairs, and he is a master at matching colors. In fact, when I get a chip in the Bertram, the paint we choose is a perfect match of the underlying gel coat. He really knows what he's doing, and I've been able to pick up some valuable tips along the way from working with him.

If you love the shape of older boats and quality of construction or love projects or just want to get out on the water in a quality boat without re-mortgaging your house, this is a great way to go!
Bruce Sozzi, CT
Bruce Sozzi, CT